Van Hire and Rental Services


CCTV Van Hire

Our CCTV survey equipment can survey drains ranging in diameter from 75mm to 7000mm and up to 500 metres in length. Supplied with our comprehensive Wincan version 8 reporting software. We have three types of cameras, our push rod cameras 150mm, crawler camera and our large Megacam Camera Unit

Popular types of uses:

  • Surface cleaning and remediation (including graffiti)
  • Drain and sewage cleaning
  • Hydro-demolition and concrete cutting
  • Industrial cleaning

Jetting Van

Jetting Van Hire

Full range of water pressure jetting technology, tooling, accessories, ancillary equipment and capability. This method of using pressurised water offers a number of advantages; it is faster, more flexible and environmentally friendly as it uses low volumes of water and does not use any potentially corrosive or hazardous chemicals.

Popular types of uses:

  • Conditional & Connectivity CCTV Surveys
  • Pre-adoption CCTV Surveys
  • Home Buyer/Seller CCTV Surveys

Welfare Units

Welfare Units Hire

We understand that during projects, clients do not appreciate workmen in and out of their homes, shops or offices using their facilities, especially if they have been working with wastes and oils. With the use of this facility, you can provide your clients with a professional and efficient service, with minimal disruption to their everyday daily routines. The use of this unit has provided sites with an organised and ordered environment, conducive for achieving maximum productivity.

A few features:

  • Crew cab
  • Sleeping Area
  • Air Conditioning, Auxiliary Heating
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