Quality Assurance and Accreditations

Communication within our organisation is extremely important to us in order to provide the highest levels of quality customer care and service. For this, we rely on effective administrative and operational processes based on a system of continuous improvement. We have established ourselves as a creative, innovative and dynamic company, continuously thinking outside the box in how to tackle environmental servicing solutions.

We are actively interested in understanding the needs of our customers and as specialists in our market, we have been able to successfully develop a range of varied strategies and solutions to deal with each individual project as well as maximising our business' capabilities and potential.

In order to ensure these standards are obtained in everything we do, we have adopted a well-known approach to Quality Assurance called the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle:

  1. Plan: Define the objective of the job. Identify the procedures, methods and tools needed to complete the job. Define the measures to be used to check the results of the job.
  2. Do: Execute the plan, train engineers in methodology, issue equipment and use tools to perform the job.
  3. Check: Evaluate whether or not the goal has been achieved by using measures, metrics and facts.
  4. Act: When gaps are defined, identify the origin of the problem and define an approach to correct or close the gap (return to the plan phase)

Achilles UVDB

“Established in 1996 UVDB is now recognised as the standard approach to supplier pre-qualification with the UK Utilities sector”

Supply number: 86070


“Assessing supplier’s health and safety competence is usually a lengthy and time consuming process. Suppliers can sometimes meet one buyer’s Health and Safety standards but not another. Being CHAS approved reduces duplication as suppliers compliance is accepted by all CHAS buyers.”

Call 0208 545 3838 for verification

The Chartered Institution of Waste Management

“The Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM) is the professional body which represents over 7,000 waste professionals working in the sustainable resources and waste management sectors predominantly in the UK but also overseas. CIWM sets the professional standards for individuals working in the industry and has various grades of membership determined by education, qualification and experience.”

Registration number: 2013837


“By providing an up-to-date register of pre-qualified suppliers for construction contracts, Constructionline is a common sense solution that 8,000 buyers from over 2,000 organisations are already making the most of. We pre-qualify all of our suppliers to Government standards, and maintain relationships with a range of industry, ePurchasing and Government partners to ensure that we remain relevant to procurement professionals within the construction industry.”

Registration number: 54473

Crossrail Compliant

“Crossrail’s contractor requirements mandate that all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) working on the project are fitted with safety devices including blind spot proximity sensors, side under-run guards and warning alerts for cyclists.”

Call 0345 602 3813 for more details

British Dyslexia Association

“The vision of the British Dyslexia Association is a dyslexia friendly society enabling all dyslexic people to reach their potential.”

Visit www.bdadyslexia.org.uk to find out more

Environment Agency - Waste Carriers License & Brokers

“If you want to transport controlled waste in England and Wales as part of your business or with a view to profit, you need to register as a waste carrier.”

Registration number: CB/DN53379UT

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

“FORS is a funded, voluntary certification scheme aimed at ensuring that fleet operators work lawfully and to best practice by meeting the FORS standard.”

Registration number: 000516

Freight Transport Association (FTA)

“Freight Transport Association (FTA) is one of the UK’s largest trade associations and represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air.”

Membership number: 60489

Link Up

“Link-up is the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme, providing a single common registration, qualification and audit process for a supplier that is shared by the UK rail industry.”

Supplier ref: 19760

Quality Systems Certifications Ltd - ISO 9001

“ISO 9001:2008 is the International standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It provides your company with a set of principles that ensure a common sense approach to the management of your business activities to consistently achieve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement.”

Certificate number: 20052200

Quality Systems Certifications Ltd - ISO 14001

“ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out how you can go about putting in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; with the commitment of your entire organization, it can enable you to achieve both objectives.”

Certificate number: 20103487

Quality Systems Certifications Ltd - OHSAS 18001

“OHSAS 18001 is the internationally recognised assessment specification for occupational health and safety management systems. It was developed by a selection of leading trade bodies, international standards and certification bodies to address a gap where no third-party certifiable international standard exists.”

Certificate number: 20113713

Road Haulage Association

“The Road Haulage Association (RHA) provides dedicated campaigning, advice, information and business services specially tailored for the haulage industry.”

Registration number: 24577

SAFEcontractor Approved

“SAFEcontractor is the leading health and safety pre-qualification assessment scheme, we are dedicated to promoting higher standards of competence and compliance.”

Certificate number: IV0576

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